Drug Crimes

It is not pleasant to be arrested out on the interstate, your money taken, your car impounded, and you placed in jail in some rural Iowa county you have never heard of and never want to hear of again.  Amazingly people driving east from the states where marijuana is legal in one form or another think nothing of having marijuana in the car when traveling through states like Iowa and when stopped complain that local law enforcement doesn’t recognize the marijuana medical card.

Criminal Profiling

The license plate has a great deal to do with who is stopped.  California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado are favorite states. [read more]

Search Warrants

Law enforcement does not need a search warrant to search your vehicle.  They do need probable cause to believe that you have contraband in the vehicle before they can legally search. [read more]

Interstate Drug Stops

The Phelps Law Office is located just a few miles off of Interstate 80 and ten miles from Interstate 35.  Iowa has what is called the Criminal Interdiction Team. [read more]

Drug Sniff Dogs

Iowa State Highway Patrol, the Criminal Interdiction Team, have dogs.  They bring the dogs to sniff around the car you are driving. [read more]

Prescription Drugs

We are seeing people being jailed for the possession of prescription drugs without a prescription when they have prescription drugs in the car either loose or in some type of container not a prescription bottle. [read more]

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