Felony Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes

It is not pleasant to be arrested out on the interstate, your money taken, your car impounded, and you placed in jail in some rural Iowa county you have never heard of and never want to hear of again.  [read more]

Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are the new drug offenses. Now that the war on drugs is slowly losing steam, we need to declare war on something else, some other form of behavior. [read more]

Credit Card Fraud

Since credit cards are everywhere and used everywhere and lost everywhere, it is a rather common occurrence to find that people have used credit cards that actually didn’t belong to them. This is a crime, of course. [read more]

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are of various sorts and can include everything from murder to simple assault. Normally law enforcement gets fairly excited over violent crimes. In this country, law enforcement believes they have, or should have, a monopoly on violence. [read more]


Homicide is the fancy name for murder. Murder is the number one crime still although others are making there way up the ladder of magnitude in the mind of the public. There are lessor-included offenses to murder. One commonly charged crime is that of homicide by vehicle. [read more]

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