Homicide is the fancy name for murder. Murder is the number one crime still although others are making there way up the ladder of magnitude in the mind of the public. There are lessor-included offenses to murder. One commonly charged crime is that of homicide by vehicle. This crime is not what it appears to be. Under the OWI statutes in Iowa, one can be legally intoxicated if one has a measurable amount of an illegal substance in the blood. This means you could have smoked a joint in the morning, killed someone in the afternoon not paying attention to what you were doing and be facing 25 years in prison even though the THC in your system is not affecting you in anyway. This, of course, makes no sense other than to appease our legislators in thinking they are somehow fighting the war on crime and that a person would not think of driving a car if he or she had a smoked some weed in the last couple of days.


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