Drunk Driving / OWI / DUI

Drunk driving is not only driving with a blood alcohol of .08 or greater. The Iowa Code provides two ways to find a person guilty of OWI which is what it is called in Iowa (Operating While Intoxicated): driving with an alcohol concentration of .08 or greater or under the influence. Under the influence can be whatever the officer stopping you wants it to be. In addition to alcohol the Mothers of MADD have succeeded in convincing our legislators that any detectable amount of an illegal substance is an OWI even if the illegal substance has no effect on the driver whatsoever. So if you have smoked some weed in the last couple of days, you would be well advised not to give a urine sample.

Now you can also be thrown in jail for driving while impaired. If you are on medication that may or may not be a controlled substance and that medication adversely affects your driving, you may be charged with OWI. Two things to remember: if you are not to drive while taking the medication, and you are driving anyway , it is illegal and you can be convicted of driving while impaired. If you have any alcohol in your system, and I mean any, and you are also on medication and you are impaired in the eyes of law enforcement, off to jail you go.

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