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Drug Trafficking Crimes

It is not pleasant to be arrested out on the interstate, your money taken, your car impounded, and you placed in jail in some rural Iowa county you have never heard of and never want to hear of again.  Amazingly people driving east from the states where marijuana is legal in one form or another think nothing of having marijuana in the car when traveling through states like Iowa and when stopped complain that local law enforcement doesn’t recognize the marijuana medical card.  [read more]

Traffic Charges

Iowa law enforcement will stop out-of-state cars for various traffic violations.  Usually this occurs as pretextual stops.  The usual violations for which out-of-state vehicles are pulled over are speeding (any amount), seat belt violations, tinted windows, license plate brackets that cover any of the license plate wording or numerals. [read more]

Drunk Driving OWI / DWI

Drunk driving is not only driving with a blood alcohol of .08 or greater.  Now you can also be thrown in jail for driving while impaired. If you are on medication that may or may not be a controlled substance and that medication adversely affects your driving, you may be charged with OWI. [read more]

Prescription Drugs

We are seeing people being jailed for the possession of prescription drugs without a prescription when they have prescription drugs in the car either loose or in some type of container not a prescription bottle. Contrary to the current belief of law enforcement one is not required to keep one’s prescriptions in a prescription bottle but since prescription drugs have now been declared to be the next threat to our civilization, law enforcement will ask to see any prescription bottles that you might having laying about in your car. [read more]

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re in a strange state, being accused of a criminal offense.  You are scared!  You have questions!  Some of them are answered here.  Others are answered when you give me a call: 641-363-4365.

I’ve been arrested for trafficking drug on the Interstate! What is going to happen to me?

You will be taken to the local county jail which may be a distance from the Interstate. There is a bond schedule which the jail has indicating what the bond is and the jail will also have a list of bondsmen you can call. If you are unable to make bond, normally there will be an initial appearance in front of a magistrate the next morning where you can ask for a bond amount that you can make. In addition to arresting you, the officers may very well seize you phone and all your money the effect of which is to make it as difficult as possible for you to be released from jail and to find your way home wherever that may be. There will be a series of court appearances required unless you have an attorney to appear for you.

How do I prevent drunk driving charges?

The best way to avoid drunk driving charges is not to drive while intoxicated. Unfortunately you do not have to be drunk or under the influence of an alcoholic beverage to be arrested for OWI/DUI. Any measurable quantity of an illegal drug in your system is considered an OWI/DUI in Iowa. Any combination of alcohol and a legally prescribe medication taken against doctor’s orders which causes impairment will also result in criminal charges being filed. If your license is more important to you than a conviction give a breath sample or urine sample, whatever is requested. If beating the charge is more important, do not give either a breath sample or a urine sample.

Will I go to jail for too many speeding tickets?

No you will not go to jail for too many speeding tickets, but you will go to jail if the number of speeding tickets you have cause you to loose your license and then you will go to jail for driving while your license is suspended, revoked, or barred.

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